Eddie Sing & The 31 Days


Eddie Sing & The 31 Days is more than just a band, it is an experience.  

It all starts with connection.  The music written by Eddie Sing is not his own.  It comes from all of you.  It comes from every person he has met, every experience he has absorbed, every rapturous moment and every moment filled with sadness.  


So, who is Eddie Sing and who are the 31 Days.  Eddie is a visionary who recognizes that we all have a role in making this world a better, more humane, and consequently fulfilling experience.  Since the dawn of the internet and its subsequent ubiquity and as Google has organized the world's information, Apple has brought that information to the palm of our hands and Facebook has made the world smaller than Columbus ever could, increasingly machines, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs are increasingly making decisions for us.  As you auto-suggest becomes ever more dominant, as the world via public cameras becomes increasingly digitized, as our privacy becomes increasingly scarce in the name of security, Eddie Sing's mission is to make damn sure that we keep our humanity.  


His method of choice is the music.


Drawing from memories of his past, visions of the future and the resound conviction that we can all connect to that thing deep inside of us that goes beyond the every day, that goes beyond the monotony and resides somewhere deep within the part of us that we so seldom find, but when we do, we are grateful for its existence, lost in its beauty and filled with a sense that absolutely nothing is impossible.


It is that spirit that Eddie Sing & The 31 Days seek to tap into, to delicately capture and to share with the world.


So who are The 31 Days, you wonder.  




The 31 Days is an experience.  It is the band which is yet to form.  A group of musicians and of troubadours who know that they were put here on this earth to make a genuine impact, not only through their music, but through their spirit.  They are men and women, black and white, of all creeds, but committed to a single vision:  to bring together every living creature they come into contact with a song of healing and to ask those creatures "What's your verse?"


Eddie knows that The 31 Days will present themselves and he cannot wait to begin the journey.  For now, his journey has begun and he hopes that you will join him for the ride of a lifetime.

So, at the end of the day, the question remains:  What's your verse?




Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Piano / Eddie Sing

Everything Else / The 31 Days